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Pattaya Thai news coverage via Yahoo! Australia
recent updated : February 9, 2015, 9:15 pm

A different take on exotic culture
Phuket, Pattaya and Patpong: they may be in Thailand but never mistake them for Thailand. Leapfrog these famous or infamous zones, where East meets West, and the worst meets the best, and for a few days try a very different P-place - Prachuap.
Peng headlines Thailand Open, champion Makarova absent
In the absence of 2014 champion Ekaterina Makarova, Chinese star Peng Shuai will assume top seeding at the Thailand Open.
Crash kills microlight pilot scattering friend-:39:s ashes
Thai authorities are investigating the crash of a microlight aircraft in which the pilot died as he was scattering the ashes of a friend.
Skydiver-:39:s near-miss the scariest thing you-:39:ll see today
THIS video shows a pair of tandem skydivers have an incredible near miss with the aeroplane they have just jumped out of.
Songkran - love it or leave town
Thailand-:39:s festival to welcome the Buddhist new year is a very wet and wild affair. Expect a soaking.
The best of Thai beds
Youre spoilt for hotel choice in Thailand. John Borthwick reviews a few that stand out from the crowd.
Family phoned passengers on missing Malaysia Airlines flight
Family members of passengers on missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 said they have been able to ring mobile phones, and are begging officials to track the signals before the batteries run out.
Unsullied simplicity of Koh Tarutao
Koh Tarutao holds gentle appeal, writes John Borthwick
Koh Kood could be heaven for everyone
Jungle-clad Koh Kood is a last frontier in Thai tourism. The country-:39:s fourth largest island, it doesn-:39:t yet have an ATM. Even more extraordinary in this land of a million mini-marts, there is not one 7-Eleven store. Well, not so far.
Sex, drugs, stigma put Thai transsexuals at HIV risk
From a cafe near the go-go bars of a Bangkok red light district where she campaigns for safe sex, Gigi gives an unvarnished view of how she joined Thailand-:39:s growing ranks of transgender people with HIV.